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Dr. Rochus Kobler

CEO, Phoenix Mecano

''Kamales held the key note speech at the Phoenix Mecano Manager’s Conference 2021. Kamales’ presentation was truly inspiring. She offered new perspectives to our international audience how to look at and think about our leading conference topic “Digital Transformation”. Based on her professional background, with excellent real business examples as well as selected ‘touch & try & feel’ exhibits Kamales could convey important key messages to our diverse group of top managers with a high credibility. Our group’s leadership team will now think differently about “the digital impact” on our businesses and business models, upcoming challenges as well as opportunities.''


Micaela Newton

Events & Marketing Manager, BetterWork Media Group

"I had the pleasure of listening to Kamales Lardi's keynote address, "The End of Business as Usual" at the 2023 CLO Symposium, and it was nothing short of transformative. Her presentation vividly captured the essence of the digital revolution we are living in today by taking us on a journey through the rapidly changing tech landscape and its impact on business and workforce dynamics. Kamales highlighted the critical need for organizations to quickly acclimate, upskill and build adaptive cultures in the face of unprecedented disruption.

Kamales not only shared valuable insights, but also emphasized the significance of a human-centric approach in the digital transformation journey. She made a compelling case for the pivotal role that continuous learning has in building a workforce that’s prepared to survive and thrive in the digital future. Her thought-provoking examples, like the pike fish experiment, resonated deeply and left me with a profound understanding of the necessity to recognize change in our environments.

Kamales’ keynote was an eye-opening experience, leaving me with a clear vision of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in this era of digital transformation. Her expertise and passionate delivery truly set the stage for a future where adaptability and continuous learning will be the keys to success in the end of business as usual."


Claus Schuster / Natascha Zeljko

Executive Partners and Co-Founders @CURAZE

“We had the great honor to welcome Kamales Lardi as a keynoter at our very first Night Talk in Munich. She shared her thoughts on the topic: "The end of ‘business as usual': Accelerating sustainable business success with Digital Transformation". Mindblowing! Not only does she know one thousand examples from practice, Kamales also has this incredible presence and owns the stage. Couldn’t think of a better speaker for our premier.”


Chairman, Horasis Org

''Kamales Lardi is a dynamic, content rich speaker on the topics of digital transformation, emerging technologies and the future of economies. Kamales participated as a panelist in both the Horasis Global Meeting (8th June 2021) and Horasis Asia Meeting (26th November 2021). During both session, Kamales shared insights based on her practical experience and future-focused outlook, which added value and depth to the discussion. We look forward to engaging with her again.''

Jeremy Behrmann.jpg

Jeremy Behrmann

Production Direction, GDS Group

''Kamales is truly an exciting speaker. She brings that often rare combination of deep insight and genuine enthusiasm to a very important topic. For technology leaders to be effective they need to understand the human component of digital transformation and in this area Kamales is one of our most exciting thought leaders! We look forward to having her back!''


Rishikesh Shetty

CEO, Exito Media Concepts Pvt. Ltd

''Kamales has been our series speaker and advisory board member for Digital Transformation Summit Series. Her presentation and thoughts reflect resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking. Her presentations are curated according to the theme and the demographic of the conference. We are very happy to have her as a part of our Exito Family! We would love to get your perspective on our next project.''


Grigoris Grammenos

Conference Producer, Boussias

''It was an honor to have Ms. Lardi at the Digital Business Transformation Conference 2021 as a keynote speaker. Her deep knowledge due to her many years of experience provided immense value to the audience through her strategic thinking and the high quality of the content of her presentation. I am looking forward to collaborating with her again in the near future.''


Philippa Dods

Head of Marketing Africa, Meltwater

''So informative, engaging, and eye-opening, thank you Kamales Lardi! We had over 300 attendees from all over EMEA and the feedback was great.''


Lukas Haeusermann

Marketing Director CH/LI at Neuroth

''Kamales was a keynote speaker at our Swiss market research flagship event and spoke about digital transformation in fast-changing times. She’s an engaging speaker with strong background knowledge on current trends in various industries and able to perfectly integrate that knowledge in her speaking topic, outlined together in the briefing. Her speech was engaging and the feedback from participants was very good – the speech indeed delivered real insights into what is soon to be the new business opportunities in our industry as well as in others.''


Dhesen Ramsamy

Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited

''Kamales has an incredibly refreshing approach to the Digital Transformation imperative. I found her to be incredibly pragmatic and it's her appreciation for the language required to engage critical business stakeholders that sets her apart.''


Benno Marbach

Co-Founder & COO guuru

''Kamales developed a collaboration strategy for SAMBAplus based on user requirements assessment to determine the member's needs (online and offline). In doing so she clearly delivered against all targets and provided spot-on recommendations. We will definitely work with her and her team again!''


Lina Khasan-Bek, Max Goltsberg

Co-Directors DBA Program, MIM-Kyiv

''Please accept our sincere appreciation for the outstanding presentation you made to the MIM-Kyiv DBA program's participants. Your ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most helpful and useful lectures in our program's experience. Thank you so much for your valuable contribution and for sharing your time and your experiences with us.''


Jane Piper

Corporate Sponsorship and Speaker Manager, Professional Women's Group

''Kamales presented at the recent Professional Womens' Group meeting to a group of about 70 people. She gave an entertaining and enlightening talk about how to use social networking to further your personal brand. Share share useful tips, practical advice and personal examples. 

Kamales is an engaging speaker and an expert on an interesting topic. She was aware of the audiences needs and tailored the presentation to their needs. I am happy to highly recommend Kamales as a speaker.''


Asif Choudry

Sales & Marketing Director, Resource @WeAreResource (UK)

''Kamales was a keynote speaker at one of our @CommsHero events. Her strategic thinking and marketing knowledge was clear to see at our event and the session received awesome feedback from the delegates. I would highly recommend Kamales as a speaker at any event where you require strategic business and marketing know-how.''

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