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Business Meeting

As companies face the "next normal" business landscape — full of rapidly shifting consumer trends and new working models — digital solutions can create a competitive advantage and drive sustainable results.


A starting point for any organization in AI solution deployment is to assess the current digital maturity of the organization.

Team Meeting

As companies embrace the accelerated digitization of their customers, supply chain interactions and internal operations, the significant impact of digital transformation on working models, roles, organization structures and employee engagement should not be ignored.

Droid Commander

Obwohl bereits seit den 1950ern Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich künstliche Intel­ligenz (KI) betrieben wird, hat sie erst in den letzten Jahrzehnten signifikante Fortschritte ge­macht.

Scaling the Rocks

As entrepreneurs, we tend to equate growth with expansion. Looking at how other businesses have developed over the years, it seems like a logical equation. Yet, before a business expands, there are several areas that the owner needs to take into consideration. Scaling and developing a business's current operation is more than just increasing its size and number of employees. Overhead costs and logistics also need to factor into the decision.

FBC Ex 4.jpg

Companies often wish to hire employees that can add value to their existing teams, but they don’t always take the time to clearly communicate those values to potential candidates, leaving candidates scrambling for answers. To cut through the fog of ambiguous hiring practices, 14 members of Forbes Business Council laid out their best strategies for finding candidates who suit the role. 

FBC Ex 3.jpg

TikTok has become an interesting part of many business' marketing campaigns, which can be wildly successful if the clips tick all the right boxes. Below, members of Forbes Business Council share some of the most creative ways businesses can use this popular platform to advertise their products or services. 

FBC Ex 2.jpg

Below, 12 members of Forbes Business Council provide helpful advice on what entrepreneurs ought to consider before setting out on the road to expansion, and explain why these elements are so critical to pay attention to.

FBC Ex 1.jpg

If you want to engage an audience, you need content that makes them sit up and take notice. Here, 12 experts from Forbes Business Council discuss how businesses can make their content grab audience attention to send their engagement rates through the roof.

Green Pastures

In the palm oil industry, the use of blockchain technology combined with mobile apps and other related technology, such as QR Codes, RFID tags and Internet-connected sensors, could result in near-perfect sustainability records.

Young Farmer

Supply chain management has emerged as one of the major use cases for blockchain technology, offering an efficient and almost fully tamper-proof way of tracking the cradle-to-cradle life cycle of goods. The blockchain translates chain of custody across the value chain into a distributed, immutable, digital trail that asserts the circularity of products.

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