The Human Side Of Digital Business Transformation

Master the essential human component of digital transformation

Business as usual is no longer valid as rapid changes in customer expectations, supply chain interactions, employee management, and internal operations require organizations to fundamentally rethink how they create, deliver and capture value in the market. Digital technologies are a key component of this organizational shift. But implementing and integrating many of these new technologies and strategies is more challenging than it first appears.


In The Human Side of Digital Business Transformation, veteran emerging technology expert Kamales Lardi delivers an essential and practical exploration of the real-world implementation of digital transformation. The book teaches readers how to drive digital business transformation success by addressing a key element that is often misunderstood – the people side of transformation. Organizations will need to build to ensure sustainable success in the increasingly digital global business landscape. This ecosystem includes internal stakeholdersThis includes managing internal stakeholders, such as leadership teams and employees, as well as external stakeholders, such as customers, partners, and suppliers working in cohesion to create shared benefits.

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“Digital transformation is defined on a spectrum of maturity that is necessary for companies to continue to be successful in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Across each stage of maturity, the people aspects of change influence the success or failure of the transformation journey. The Human Side of Digital Business Transformation provides a blueprint for understanding how to influence the people element of transformation and guides leaders towards the next stage of industrial revolution.” 

—  Tony Saldanha, Co-Founder, Inixia Inc.; former Vice President for IT and Shared Services, Procter & Gamble; bestselling author of Why Digital Transformations Fail